SERVICES INCLUDE: Engineering and Design team collaboration, assisting with the styling, mechanical features and function of products under development, including Aerospace, Transportation, Consumer Goods and Furniture.  For project inquiries, please visit the contact link and provide a brief description of the work you would like performed and its intended end use.
Blended Body, Unducted Fan Twin Pusher
This illustration represents one of my early concepts from 1991.  I became very interested in non-conventional, all-blended designs – particularly where the wing and tail surfaces created one seamless transition.  This method of design yields beautiful, sweeping shapes and exceptionally low-drag, with the added benefit of outstanding internal volume.  This translates into an unusually spacious cabin and ample room for fuel, making non-stop transcontinental flights possible.  Foam models exhibited outstanding flight qualities and glide ratios.  The heavy dihedral and blended fuselage-wing-tipsail configuration provided exceptional dynamic stability and the models always sought level flight – an ideal handling characteristic for a luxury executive aircraft.  At the time, Unducted Fan Technology appeared to hold great promise, and the configuration of this aircraft was well suited for that method of propulsion.  Now, over 25 years later, UDF technology has fallen by the wayside, making conventional turbine engines the most practical solution for this aircraft design. 

Concept, Design and Illustration by : Ben Gilliand
Over the past 25 years I have produced dozens of design concepts related to Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer Goods.  As time permits, I will begin scanning art and populating this section with more content.
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